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Writing Your Homepage

Here we take a look at your homepage and go over the details of how to write it and what to include.

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Creating a Master Schedule For Client

If a client wants help with learning how to manage their time, you can work alongside him or her to create a master schedule.  A master schedule is exactly what it sounds like, an organized, written plan for how someone will accomplish tasks and spend their time.  Here are some examples and tips to remember when creating one.

Preparing to Write

Before we get into setting up your website, you will need to have your website pages written. This video will prepare you to write those pages.

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Working With ADD & ADHD Clients

When working with an ADD or ADHD client, always keep in mind that each of us bring to the table our own unique set of issues and strengths. Be patient with your client, be flexible in your methods of motivation, and work schedule.

Don’t Get In Trouble

While building your website, there are several considerations to keep in mind so you don’t find yourself in any kind of legal trouble. Please don’t make any of these costly mistakes.

Working With Shopping Addicts

Working with a client who is addicted to shopping can be very frustrating and counterproductive to the organizational process. As the professional, there are ways that you can try to assist and guide your client away from their bad buying habits, towards a more positive, organized life. One that is free of a collection of unnecessary items, and in result, […]

Gather What You Need

Before you actually begin building your website, there are several items you’ll need to gather before hand. Once you have everything listed out in this video, you’ll just about be ready to build your wesbite.

Hoarding Tendencies

Working with someone who has hoarding tendencies is time consuming and the process can be trying and difficult. Should you choose to take on a project of this magnitude, be sure you’re prepared for the road ahead and express extreme care and patience. With the right tools, professionals, and willingness, there is a light at the end of any tunnel.

Call To Actions

Getting people to take the actions you want (to contact you) is very important. The minimum is to have your information clearly listed on your site and to have a contact page, but as you’ll see, there’s more to do.

Investing In Organizing Supplies

Explaining to your client the importance of supplies and getting them excited about this aspect of the project, should be fun for both of you. Most people don’t look forward to spending money. That being said, your client should be much more comfortable with the idea after you have educated them on why these organizing supplies are necessary and a […]