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Weebly Customizing Look

In this video, we will take a look at how to customize your websites look and appearance using the built in settings of Weebly.

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Weebly Choosing Theme & Adding Pages

Now we will choose a theme to get started with and I will show you how to add all the pages you will need.

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Weebly Initial Setup

Now it’s time to do the initial set up of your website using Weebly if you are following along and using the website builder we recommended earlier.

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Writing Your About Page

Here we take a look at your about page and go over the details of how to write it and what to include.

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Writing Your FAQ Page

Here we take a look at your FAQ page and go over the details of how to write it and what to include.

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Testimonials & Referrals

Being a professional organizer is hard work, but it’s also extremely rewarding and fun! Also, you will likely have inspired better habits, improved their everyday life, and forever changed their life in a most positive, exciting, and organized way. Capture their appreciation through getting a testimonial and always show gratitude through Thank You cards and referral incentives.

Your Testimonials

While you won’t be writing the testimonials, you will need a place to store them. That is what the testimonials document is for.

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Maintenance & Follow-Up

Your client hopefully learned new and better strategies for staying organized through your work together. And these skills will serve them well in the future, if they implement them. Now, you have the opportunity to continue working with your client through what is called maintenance. An ongoing relationship that allows you to stay in contact with your client, and possibly gain […]

Writing Your Services Page

Here we take a look at your services page and go over the details of how to write it and what to include.

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Creating a Chore Chart For Client

A good chore chart should include cleaning tasks, repairs, and yard work, but it should also include organizing. Doing this correctly can make the difference between a home that quickly falls back into disarray and one that stays organized!  Making a chore chart can be a great extra service that you offer to your clients.