Monthly Archives: March 2014

Copywriting Tips

How you write your pages is very important as well. There are several tips to keep in mind as you write content for your website.

Accidents Happen & Difficult Clients

Most clients that hire you will be friendly, welcoming and a pleasure to work with. There will be the occasional client that might try your patience and resolve. Also, there will be times when, no matter how careful you are, something may get damaged or broken. Both of these things might happen from time to time, or not at all. […]

Importance of Your Headlines

The headlines you use on your website are very important because it’s likely the first thing a visitor to your website will read before deciding if they want to read on or move on to someone else’s website.

Unique Client Situations

As you build a relationship with clients, you’re constantly gaining more and more of their trust.  And, at times, clients may feel like they can trust you with just about anything! Because of this, you may get asked to do a multitude of jobs in addition to organizing. Obviously, it’s up to you and if you feel comfortable doing other jobs […]

What to Have on Your Website

Regardless of your design & colors, there are certain elements you need to make sure to include on your website. Without these elements, your website won’t be as effective at generating clients for your business.

Working With Contractors

Contractors might need to be called in for various jobs. If your client doesn’t have a preferred contractor, let it be part of your job to help find one. Ensuring all contractors hired are fully licensed and insured, is an imperative part of any project.

Initial Website Appearance

More than likely, your first impression on a potential client will be your website. How it appears is so important to get them engaged and begin reading what you have on your website.

Hiring & Partnering

As your business grows, there may come a time when you will need assistance. This help could come from hiring someone, temporarily or permanently,  or partnering with another organizer. Here, we cover the key factors to keep in mind if you do go this route.

Website Platform Options

There are 100’s of website builders available and this video will show you the top ones and which of those we recommend for building your website.

Module 5 Overview

In this module, we’re going to take a step further and delve into some more advanced scenarios that you may come across.  It may be that you never face most of these difficulties or questions in your organizing work.  However, if you do, it will help to be prepared!