Monthly Archives: February 2014

Completing A Project

This portion of the project is just as important as the first impression you made and all of the hard work in between. As with most things, a little planning for the conclusion of your project goes a long way.

Offloading: Recycling, Donating, Selling

While going through the purging and organizing process in a client’s home or office, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of items that will need to find new homes. Be prepared: learn about non-profit organizations to drop off donations in your area, find nearby recycling centers and the correct way of ridding unwanted items, and familiarize yourself […]

Shopping For Client

If you love to shop in general, then shopping for a client should be more like play than work. Be sure to check out stores, websites, and catalogs to familiarize yourself with what’s available.

Assigning Tasks To Client

By achieving small tasks or goals in short amounts of time, many people can stay more motivated and see a light at the end of the tunnel rather than just feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.

Keeping Client Focused

Going through one’s belongings can be an emotionally, physically and mentally trying endeavor for most people. The key to getting the job done is be understanding, keep the momentum going, and seize the client’s willingness to move forward.

1st Work Day

The first day of working with a client can be a bit stressful, for both parties. Here are some guidelines and hints to help you and your client to have a positive, successful, and productive day.

Purging (With & Without Client)

When purging, always consider your client’s feelings and possible attachment to their belongings. You may not understand their emotion or reasoning with their items, but a little compassion will go a long way.

Taking Before & After Photos

One of the most important parts of your job might be the before and after photos! Illustrating the great work you have done will not only delight your clients, but also be a great way to build a portfolio to show prospective clients.

Things To Keep In Mind

The more positive you can be with your own attitude, the more your client is likely to have a positive, willing attitude and be confident in your ability to help them achieve their goals. Keeping everything in a good balance is always sound advice and is applicable to your work as a professional organizer as well!

Cleaning V.S. Organizing

Cleaning and organizing are not one and the same! When you are hired to help someone get organized, you are doing just that—organizing. This generally involves a type of cleaning process, because you are going through things and getting rid of the unwanted items. All while making sure that what remains is properly stored or adequately accessible, easy to maintain, […]