Monthly Archives: January 2014

Preparing for Tax Time

I’m going to spend a little time talking about everyone’s favorite subject, the IRS! Dealing with taxes is never fun, but I’d like to tell you how you can save yourself some money. Which is always a good thing! By keeping good records throughout the year, when tax time comes around, you’ll be prepared to take the deductions you deserve.

Your Work Bag and Tool Bag

As an organizer, there are some everyday items and supplies you need to bring with you when working on a client’s space. And what better way to have them organized than having them all in one place? That, my friend, is your workbag…

Printable Client Forms To Customize and Use

Any business that offers a service to others should always have documentation or a contract of some sort. And one for your organizing business is no different. Having an official, written agreement between the customer or client and the company states that the customer agrees to the proposed actions and estimate.

Business Insurance and Bonding

Another aspect of running a small business that you may be thinking about is business insurance. Perhaps you’ve seen the phrase “fully insured and bonded” on the side of a repairman’s truck and wondered what it meant. In this video, I’m going to explain the basics of insurance and bonding, give you some of the pros and cons, and […]

Justifying Charging High Rates

In helping so many others get their organizing business up and running, we found a common issue that keeps peeking out. And that is, people tend to feel hesitant about charging a high hourly rate. They feel their service isn’t worth that much, or that their clients may be skeptical about their rate and demand to know why it is […]

6 Steps to Speaking Like a Pro

Covers everything about your defining statement, your marketing message, the 6-Step Formula you can follow every time, materials you’ll need and how you can measure your success as a speaker.

Offering Package Rates & Discounts

In addition to offering hourly rates, you can also charge through packages, and offer occasional discounts and savings. What is a package? Basically, it’s a bundle of hours sold at once. Typically, if you charge $50 an hour, and you got paid by a client your for 10 hours, that’d be $500, and 20 hours would be $1,000. But […]

Get Known, Get Business Through Speaking

Debbie covers why to speak, who to speak to, when do you charge, where you can market your talks, what you should do when you’re booked and the next steps to take. Don’t miss this!

Deciding on Your Base Rate

Now it’s time to start talking about money, but more specifically, what to charge when starting out and when it makes sense to raise your rates! It seems this should be a straight-forward topic and an easy thing to decide on, but we’ve had so many questions and so many people undervaluing their organizing services over the past years…

Marketing Your New Organizing Business

Debbie’s first part covers defining your target market, following your talents, tried and true first steps, measuring your success, building a portfolio and creating your marketing plan.