Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Basics

We’re going to cover the nitty gritty of organizing for a client, including purging, sorting, categorizing, labeling, placement, and creating space. I’m going to give you a bit of a refresher course that should remind you of some things you may already know, and hopefully give you a few new strategies to try out.

Module 4 Overview

A sizable part of being a professional organizer is not just being able to organize, but also being able to effectively relate to and work with your clients.  Yes, you’ll primarily be working with people’s stuff. However, you’ll also be working with people! This module will cover the basics you need to know when working and dealing with clients.

Module 3 Overview

At long last, we have put business creation and advertising behind us for a little while, and we can talk about one of our favorite subjects: Organizing! This module is going to be totally and completely about organizing, so you can sit back and enjoy yourself.