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Closet & Bedroom

For some, closets are also a place to store random things from around the house, bags full of clothes from a shopping trip months ago, and it may even house a layer of shoes and miscellaneous items on the floor. This is where we, as organizers come and take over!

Storing Client Information

As the owner of a small business, you now need to keep in mind the safety of information that people have entrusted to you! Keep these things in mind when dealing with client’s personal info.

Our Bathroom & Linen Closet Tour

Our Bathroom & Linen Closet Tour

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Scheduling & Time Management

A big part of being a successful professional organizer is being able to stay on top of the various aspects of running a business, organizing, and marketing. When you’re in the midst of organizing the lives of lots of other people, it’s easy for your own life to get a little bit out of control.  Being a professional organizer requires more […]

Bathroom & Linen Closet

Creating a space that makes your client’s morning preparations a breeze, they’ll love you for! It’s a great place to start if a client wants to see a sample of your work before hiring you to take on other rooms.

What To Wear

What you wear represents who you are. So, what you wear when meeting a client for the first time should express professionalism. This doesn’t mean you have to wear pantyhose or even a suit, but casual-nice to business attire is perfect.

Our Kitchen & Pantry Tour

Our Kitchen & Pantry Tour


It’s unlikely that you’ll ever feel threatened or unsafe as a professional organizer, but when working alone in someone’s house, it doesn’t hurt to have a few precautions and resources in place to help keep you safe.

Kitchen & Pantry

Kitchens are full of action, so creating a space that not only looks great, but also highly functional, is a must. We’ll discuss the categories in the kitchen and pantry, placement, and organizing.

Respect & Professionalism

Carrying the attitude of respectfulness and professionalism will go a long way towards building credibility and rapport with your clients. Treat others’ possessions as if they were your own and always be polite and positive.