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Many people find that an attempt to organize photos can turn into a long trip down memory lane!  While I’ve never actually had a client hire me to help organize their photos (probably because it’s so time consuming, and therefore expensive), some clients may want you to help them get a handle on that seemingly impossible task.

The Consultation

First impressions are very important! They need to feel like they can trust you and that you are truly listening to their needs. You want to show empathy and compassion, and show the client you are confident that you can help them get organized!

Paperwork & Mail

When trying to organize, paperwork can be a nemesis for many people.  It has the bad habit of seeming to multiply daily and be everywhere you don’t want it to be, yet also be nowhere when you need it. Creating a workable filing system for your client will be one of the greatest things you can do for them and […]

Estimating Hours Per Project

Coming up with accurate estimates for a project may take some time. Here are some time frame averages for rooms, as well as tactics you can follow to help you come up with an estimate on any room you organize.

Our Office Closet Tour

Our Office Closet Tour

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Following Up With Leads

Now that a prospective client has expressed they’re interested in your organizing services, you want to reel them in! Great customer service, or client service rather, goes a long way. Be available and reachable, so you can land that job!

Office & Supplies

Home offices, or computer work stations, are notorious for getting and being out of control. In this video, we’re going to discuss how to organize the desk, electronics, and office supplies.

First Conversation

Regardless of how a potential client finds and contacts you, you want to be prepared, empathetic, professional and pleasant. When you treat your clients like friends, they will be more receptive to opening their homes and their lives to you, and you will be more likely to establish a great working relationship that can turn into long term work and […]

Our Bedroom Closet Tour

Our Bedroom Closet Tour

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Practice Organizing

Through practicing, you’ll build experience, and not just experience with organizing.  You will also build experience in building rapport, being professional, sharing your rates, estimating hours, and going through all your paperwork and forms with a client. Practicing organizing for people you trust will help reduce your anxiety as a new professional organizer.